Call to Action Health Literacy Trainer Program

A train-the-trainer program designed for professionals in healthcare and community-based organizations to customize trainings for their organization to create health literacy awareness and organizational goals or initiatives to support a sustainable champion model. Trainers are taught to identify and customize training to improve health literacy competencies for professionals that support the attributes of a health literate organization. .

"With COVID-19, increasing health literacy throughout our communities is needed now more than ever."

Sue Ellen Stuart, Executive Director of the Visiting Nurse Services of Ithaca

Call to Action Health Literacy Western & Central New York Program Overview

A training program for professionals in healthcare and community-based organizations begins in April 2021 with a preference given to those in Western New York and members of the Fellow Action Network of the Health Foundation for Western and Central New York.  The program includes a training in professional health literacy competencies and universal precaution strategies.  Trainees will learn how a champion model and organizations striving to become a health literate or can improve patient/client satisfaction, adherence to medication / treatment goals and support efforts such as shared decision making or patient-centered care. This cohort is funded by the Call to Action grant from the Health Foundation for Western & Central New York.

Stipend Requirements
Each organization will receive a stipend of $5000 for sending an employee to train and meet a set of criteria by December 31, 2021.  

Training Sessions
Virtual training sessions will be offered over 5 days to complete the 21 hours.  There are 9 - 2 hour sessions and 1 - 3 hour session.  These training sessions were designed for the seasoned facilitator in mind.  Trainees will be given resources and presentations that they can use but may need to customize to meet their organizations needs.  Click here to view more details on the training sessions.

The 10 sessions will be held over 5 days and are scheduled for April 15, 22, 29, May 6 and June 10th. 

A Call to Action Health Literacy Conference is tentatively planned for the third week in October.  Program stipend includes trainees participating in the conference on various levels (presenting, assisting in the planning, moderating).  National health literacy experts will present at this event.  More information to follow.

Learning Collaborative
A monthly learning collaborative will begin in the summer of 2021 with input from trainees in cohort four for dates/times.  The learning collaborative will provide a space for trainees to discuss successes, challenges, seek collaboration and discuss relevant topics.

Individual Consulting Services
Each trainee receives five individual meeting times to assist with customizing training, assessing the Ten Attributes of a Health Literate Organization, creating a champion model and creating health literacy initiatives.  Organizational leaders / team members are invited to join when necessary.

For More Program Information

Please contact Alis Sefick or Karen L. Brown.

Health Literacy trainers who completed a health literacy trainer education program in 2019 discuss the strengths of the program. 

Did you miss the information session ?  Click here to watch.