The Ithaca College & Longview Partnership, a unique relationship between the College and a retirement community located near campus, celebrated two decades of programming in the spring of 2019.

In the early 1970s, a group of Ithaca College administrators and community leaders came together and worked to convert an IC dormitory (Quarry Dorm) into an adult care facility for about 60 older adults. The facility became known as Ithacare, and Ithaca College students and faculty became involved with residents in recreational activities, volunteer work, administrative internships, research projects, and an intergenerational choir.

In 1989, Ithacare's board of directors determined there was a need for a new facility and proposed a joint venture for the two institutions featuring intergenerational programming and shared services. The vision was to create a shared environment that provided members of the college and Longview communities with opportunities to engage in intergenerational social and educational experiences that enhance the quality of life. A lengthy planning process ensued. Land was donated by the college and Longview, a retirement community including independent and assisted living. Construction was completed in phases from 1998-99. 

Ithaca College faculty and students and residents at Longview have been enjoying a wide range of intergenerational activities since the Spring semester of 1999. Every year, more than 700 Ithaca College students and more than 65 faculty and staff participate in hundreds of intergenerational activities across the street at the Longview senior living community. And accordingly, Longview residents can be seen in classrooms across IC's campus, and are in attendance at many College performances and activities.

The timeline...

  • The original Ithacare Center was created from a renovated Ithaca College dorm in 1974
  • IC faculty and students initiated recreational and research activities at Ithacare from 1974-1998
  • Ithacare approached the College in 1991 with a proposal for a joint initiative involving intergenerational programming and sharing of services in a new building
  • In 1992, Ithaca College donated 28 acres of land across from the campus for the new facility, Longview
  • Groundbreaking began in March 1997
  • Ithaca College had input into the design of 1,800 square feet of space dedicated for programmatic use. This space included two offices, and assessment room, and a classroom
  • Input was also solicited from faculty on course-related intergenerational actiavities
  • An Ithaca College & Longview Partnership Planning Committee and an Operations Sub-committee were formed in July 1997 to address administrative issues
  • An Ithaca College & Longview Partnership Program Planning Sub-committee was formed in January 1998 to address procedures for planning and scheduling course-related and volunteer activities at Longview
  • An activity survey of current Ithacare and prospective Longview residents was conducted in March 1998
  • The Ithaca College & Longview Partnership Coordinator was appointed in 1997
  • Longview was completed in October 1998
  • New residents began to move into Longview apartments during winter/spring 1999
  • Ithaca College students assisted with the move and some residents spent moving day on campus
  • Longview's Grand Opening was held on May 21, 1999
  • Programming of Intergenerational activities began in Spring 1999.
  • Today, more than 700 Ithaca College students and more than 65 faculty and staff participate in hundreds of intergenerational activities across the street at the Longview senior living community every year.