Screening & Discussion with Filmmakers

A film and discussion with people developing resilience over loneliness and experts discovering solutions for isolation.

All the Lonely People

The creators of Gen Silent visited Ithaca College for a presentation centered around a documentary film followed by audience discussion.  Producer, Joseph Applebaum and Writer/Director, Stu Maddux brought their film, All the Lonely People, to share with an audience of Ithaca College students, health and aging professionals, and community members. 

The film highlighted what they are calling “Life Hacks” for facing social isolation and loneliness.  It places a human face on the hidden epidemic of chronic loneliness and isolation.   Built on hope, it shares the latest research and interventions for individuals and communities and leaves audiences feeling empowered and reconnected. 

The audience and 4 remote locations (Chemung, Herkimer, Sullivan, Steuben County Offices for the Aging) enjoyed the panel discussion that followed with filmmakers and aging experts Elizabeth Bergman, PhD and Becky Preve. 

Gerontologist Elizabeth Bergman, PhD is an associate professor in the Health Promotion and Physical Education department at Ithaca College.

Becky Preve is the executive director at the Association on Aging New York.

Watch the trailer to this compelling documentary.

Take Aways from the Filmmakers

The filmmakers highlighted "life hacks"  used to face loneliness, as well as contributing factors to social isolation of the individuals in the film.

LIfe Hacks & Contributors presented by the Filmmakers

  • Maintaining a positive outlook 
  • Reaching out to others early when feeling lonely
  • Acceptance of one's life circumstances or situation
  • Telling others you are feeling lonely today
  • Motivating yourself to "move"- change settings that keep you isolated
  • Caring for an animal
  • Stepping outside your comfort zone- trying something new
  • Expressing gratitude 
  • Connecting with nature 
  • Seeking out like-minded people 
  • Performing acts of kindness 
  • Developing close friendships with at least 3 people

Taken from All the Lonely People

  • Minority Stress
  • Family Estrangement 
  • Feeling "othered" 
  • Relocating often 
  • Childhood bully
  • Major life changes 
  • Financial inequity
  • Feeling less safe to go out- living in high crime areas
  • Becoming a parent

Taken from All the Lonely People