Celebrating 15 Years of Intergenerational Achievement

In the beginning...

  • The original Ithacare Center was created from a renovated Ithaca College dorm in 1974
  • IC faculty and students initiated recreational and research activities at Ithacare from 1974--1998
  • Ithacare approached the College in 1991 with a proposal for a joint initiative involving intergenerational programming and sharing of services in a new building
  • In 1992, Ithaca College donated 28 acres of land across from the campus for the new facility, Longview
  • Groundbreaking began in March 1997
  • Ithaca College had input into the design of 1,800 square feet of space dedicated for programmatic use. This space included two offices, and assessment room, and a classroom
  • Input was also solicited from faculty on course-related intergenerational actiavities
  • A Longivew/Ithaca College Planning Committee and an Operations Sub-committee were formed in July 1997 to address administrative issues
  • A Longview/Ithaca College Program Planning Sub-committee was formed in January 1998 to address procedures for planning and scheduling course-related and volunteer activities at Longview
  • An activity survey of current Ithacare and prospective Longview residents was conducted in March 1998

The vision...

To create a shared environment that provides members of the College and Longview communities with opportunities to engage in intergenerational social and educational experiences that enhance the quality of life.

  • The Longview/Ithaca College Coordinator was appointed in 1997
  • Longview was completed in October 1998
  • New residents began to move into Longview apartments during winter/spring 1999
  • Ithaca College students assisted with the move and some residents spent moving day on campus
  • Longview's Grand Opening was held on May 21, 1999
  • Programming of Intergenerational activities began in Spring 1999. Since that time, an average of 300 students and 25 faculty have participated in Longview related activities each semester

The reality...

  • Benefits for Residents
    • Learning
    • Personal development
    • Social interaction and integration at Longview and on campus
    • Personal relationships
    • Health and wellness
    • Build self esteem
  • Benefits for Students
    • Experiential learning
    • Understanding career options
    • Increased understanding of academic courses and their application to aging
    • Learning about aging and older adults
  • Benefits for Faculty
    • Enriched curriculum and teaching
    • Research and service opportunities
    • Multi and interdisciplinary teaching and research activities
A Different Kind of Button Hook

Occupational therapy major Chris Friedlander ’15 has an interesting combination of extracurricular activities — he plays on the IC football team and also participates in the quilting circle at Longview, the retirement community down the road from IC. Friedlander was photographed Fall 2013 with members of the quilting circle for an article in AARP: The Magazine.