Friends of Ithaca College

Ithaca College is Ithaca's college.

Ithaca College is fortunate to have a supportive and generous local community. Indeed, we couldn't have survived since 1892 without it. The college's history is brimming with dedicated neighbors and generous local organizations who stepped forward to help the college and our students succeed.

These are the Friends of Ithaca College.

Our Friends are local donors who support IC students with their philanthropy. Friends live and work in Tompkins County and its contiguous counties. Some give to the Friends of Ithaca College Scholarship, a scholarship just for outstanding local students that enables them to attend IC. Other Friends support the IC Annual Fund; individual schools, programs, and departments; or any other aspect of the IC experience. And Friends support one another, getting together throughout the year at dinners, concerts, and other special events.

Ithaca College will always be Ithaca's college, and we have our many Friends to thank.

Become a Friend

Anyone who lives or works in Tompkins County or an adjoining county can be a Friend of Ithaca College. Make your gift today and become a part of this growing community!