Friends of Ithaca College History

exterior of Friends Hall

Friends Hall includes four floors of classrooms, plus computer labs on the main floor. 

Ithaca College has been fortunate to have a supportive and generous local community. Indeed, IC couldn't have survived since 1892 without the Friends of Ithaca College. The college's history is brimming with dedicated neighbors and generous local organizations who stepped forward to help the college and our students succeed. 

The Friends of Ithaca College was founded in 1958 when Ithaca College trustee Roland "Red" Fowler organized a committee of local residents to raise funds for the College's expansion. His group of 100 "friends" each pledged to give $100 to the College every year and to recruit other individuals. Within five months they had raised $6,000 for library books and much-needed scientific equipment. 

In 1961 the Friends launched Project Ithaca College, a campaign that raised $250,000 to assist in the construction of the first academic building on the South Hill campus—Friends Hall. In 1999 the greenroom and adjacent reception area in the James J. Whalen Center for Music were also named in honor of the Friends, in recognition of their gift of over $127,000 for the expansion and renovation of the School of Music building.