Secure Messaging

As part of an ongoing effort to improve services at the Hammond Health Center, our staff and providers will be using secure messaging in order to provide the most safe and convenient method to communicate with you about your health care. Secure messaging may be used by your provider for general information, prescription refills, follow-up instructions, lab or x-ray results, and to invite you to complete surveys and questionnaires.

1) The Health Center will only utilize your Ithaca College e-mail address for these important communications, so it is necessary for you to check it regularly. If you have received a secure message, you will receive a notification in your ithaca.edu e-mail inbox and in the from line it will state "Health Center <HEALTHCENTER@ithaca.edu>".

2) When you receive this notification, click on the link MyICHealthCenter. Log in to OpenCommunicator with your e-mail user id and password and confirm your date of birth.

3) Click on "GO TO MESSAGES". The Secure Message you have received will appear in your Secure Messages inbox. Click on "READ IT" to view one of the messages.

If you have been asked to fill out a survey, select "SURVEY FORMS".