Hammond Health Center provider experience

Hammond Health Center providers include MD's, PA's, and NP's with a wide array of experience in family medicine, emergency medicine, veteran care, psychiatry, addiction services, sports medicine, pediatric medicine, and disaster relief.

Hammond Health Center nursing experience

Hammond Health Center nursing includes vast experience in the emergency room, intensive care unit, cardiac critical care, oncology, secondary school nursing, medical/surgical care, hospice, and disaster relief.

Medical Providers

Ellyn Sellers-Selin, MD
Ithaca College Medical Director


Melissa Dhundale, MD

Andrew Getzin, MD
Sports Medicine 

Fnu Seemant, MD
Sports Medicine
Colin Dauria, MD Jennifer M. Metzgar, MSN, FNP
Jessica L. Hoff, RPA-C
John Smieska, PA-C
Coveney B Fitzsimmons, MD

Administrative Staff

Laura Keefe, M.H.S.A., B.A.
Manager of Health Center Operations
(607) 274-3205
Jenna Niedermaier
Administrative Assistant/Billing/Health Certifications
(607) 274-1334
Terri Hradisky
Administrative Assistant
(607) 274-1183


Michelle Holt, RN Sarah Friga, RN Tim Andersen, RN
Kristen La Rock, RN Christine Lux, RN Jill Whitener, RN
Elaina Sheiman RN Jen Head, RN  


Kathaleen Besemer
Clinical Laboratory Supervisor
Melanie Walters
Clinical Laboratory Technologist
May Yeelin
 Laboratory Assistant