Student Employee Payment Information

The following section contains information concerning when Ithaca College student employees may work, their pay rate, and how they are paid.

*In order to work as a Student Employee at Ithaca college you must be a matriculated student and be enrolled in classes in the semester you plan to work. In order to work in the summer term a student must be enrolled in classes for the upcoming Fall term.

*Undergraduate and Graduate students who are on academic suspension, not enrolled in classes, have taken a leave of absence, or have withdrawn from Ithaca College can no longer work through the student employment program.

Students log their hours in an on-line timecard on our payroll system called ICHR Cloud. They will submit their time cards every two weeks and be paid for the hours submitted after they are approved by their supervisor.


  • Please note Ithaca College’s policy states that while classes are in session, students are limited to working twenty (20) hours per week, which includes all Ithaca College student employment.
  • When a student is on break (Spring Break, Winter Break or during summer session), they may work no more than forty (40) hours per week. If a student is required to work during a holiday, they receive straight time pay for the hours worked.
  • Students are not eligible to be paid for snow days unless they work. If the student’s department is still operating, they should report to work unless otherwise notified by their supervisor.

Student Wages

  • Student wages begin at NYS minimum wage. Supervisors have the discretion to give students raises at the beginning of each fall semester; however, raises are not guaranteed.
  • Students who are full time (taking more than 6 credit hours of classes) will receive wages that are exempt from FICA (Social Security and Medicare) taxes.
  • Undergraduate students taking less than 6 credit hours, and part-time Graduate students will NOT be FICA exempt.

Pay Days

  • Pay periods run from Monday-Sunday, and pay days will be on a bi-weekly basis paid on Fridays.
  • Checks will be mailed to the primary address that is listed in Homer Connect on Friday, unless you have direct deposit.
  • If you have direct deposit, your money will be available to you on payday. You will not receive a pay stub, but one will be viewable to you in HR Cloud.
  • If a student submits a timecard late and/or it was approved late by their supervisor(s), that timecard will be paid out in the next upcoming payroll run.
  • Current Payroll Schedule

For information on viewing and understanding your payslips see the Payslips document here.