Ithaca College strives to maintain a healthy work environment for the physical and mental well-being of all student employees. This section contains helpful information that lets you know your rights in the workplace as an IC student employee.

Meal Breaks and Rest Periods

  • Students are entitled to a 30-minute meal break (unpaid) during a work shift of at least six (6) hours which extends over the noon day meal period (the noon day meal period is from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm).
  • Additional rest breaks may be given at the discretion of the supervisor.
  • Supervisors and students should agree in advance on the timing of meal and rest periods.


  • As a student employee, you are eligible for worker's compensation and New York State disability.
  • You are not eligible for any other benefits (such as paid time off and unemployment benefits).

On-the-Job Injuries

  • If you are injured on the job please inform your supervisor immediately as you must fill out an accident report within twenty-four (24) hours of the accident or injury.
  • The accident report serves to protect you and enables Ithaca College to potentially cover medical expenses associated with the injury.
  • You will NOT get in trouble for filing this report.
  • All supervisors have a copy of this report and it may also be found by clicking here.

Sexual Harassment Policy

  • Ithaca College is committed to maintaining a campus environment that promotes dignity and respect for all individuals within the parameters that provide for freedom of thought, expression, and the flourishing of ideas. Sexual harassment undermines these ideals as well as the College's overall mission as an educational institution.
  • In promulgating this policy, Ithaca College reaffirms that every member of the College community has a right to an educational and/or employment setting that is free from sexual harassment.
  • If you believe that you are a victim of sexual harassment, please contact the Student Employment Office at (607)274-8000 immediately.
  • Ithaca College's Policy on Sexual Harassment may be found here.
  • Sexual Harassment Training Programs are available at the Equal Opportunity Compliance website.