*If you receive an error message while completing this process here are what certain error messages mean:

  • "No Social Security Number(SSN) found for student ID:_________. The student must have an SSN in Homer before they can be hired. Please have the student take their social security card to the Office of the Registrar."
    • If you receive the above error, the student must take their social security card to
      the Registrar before they begin working. Since Parnassus is a payroll system,
      student cannot be input without a social security number for tax purposes. This
      only occurs for some students because it depends on the financial aid
      information that they have filled out through Ithaca College.
  • "Can not continue. No active or future dated Student Employee found. Although the student ID and SSN exist in Parnassus, there is no current or future Student Employee type set for this student. The Student Employment office has been notified and will contact you on how to proceed."
    • When a student already exists in Parnassus as anything other than a “student
      employee” (ex: “ex-student employee”, “contact” of a current IC member (such
      as a beneficiary, spouse, child, etc…) then the student employment office needs
      to manually change their status from whatever they were listed as to a “student
      employee”. Because they have to change the student over manually in the
      system that does mean that the student will need to attend an NSEP before you
      will be able to try to add them again into the system. As the screen shot
      indicates, the student employment office is automatically notified via an email
      notification as soon as you receive this message so there is no need to email
      student employment when this message appears. They will contact you only
      after all the steps have been completed and then you will be able to proceed to
      add the assignment into SMSS again.