Job Classifications

The student employment job classification and compensation system is designed to establish consistent hiring and pay practices for all student employees throughout the college. 

Student salaries must be at a wage no less than the minimum required by the law and may not exceed the maximum of the salary range established for the position.

The level and salary of a position will be determined by the job responsibilities, knowledge, skills and level of supervision needed.

Individuals supervising student work are expected to be the hiring Supervisor. All Faculty and Staff at Ithaca can have access to this responsibility. Federal Regulations require those overseeing actual job duties, performance, etc., are those expected to be approving hours worked for payroll.

When creating new assignments for newly hired students in ICHR Cloud, supervisors will need to use the appropriate level and series that correlates with the job duties that will be assigned to the student they are hiring. For your reference, below is a breakdown of the various level and structures that Ithaca College currently uses as well as the current approved student pay structure, updated annually.