2021 Student Salary Information

The New York State Department of Labor will apply an incremental increase to the current minimum wage of $11.80 per hour, raising it to $12.50 per hour, effective December 31, 2020.  

This change will result in an adjustment to the hourly rates of pay for many of our student employees. The Office of Human Resources will systematically adjust these rates for our student employees and the College will cover the cost of the adjustments. Hourly rates will also be adjusted for student employees earning less than the minimum of the corresponding level in the new 2021 pay structure. Please contact Student Employment within the Office of Human Resources at studentemployment@ithaca.edu or 607-274-8000 with any questions or concerns.

Salary Adjustments

Students holding positions defined within the Student Employment Job Classification and Compensation Structure may be eligible for a salary adjustment based on performance.

Supervisors have the responsibility of reviewing individual performance, providing training, guidance, and feedback on a regular basis to their student assistants. Providing there is appropriate documentation regarding performance, student assistants may receive up to a preapproved 2% by the VP, increase in pay for the following academic term. (Salary increases should only occur at the start of the fall academic year based on performance from the previous year, and or added responsibilities.)