Various Job Levels

Level A

level description:

Duties are of a routine nature. Requires direct supervision with relatively specific instructions, little or not training or experience is required.

Basic skills may be acquired through on the job training. Responsibilities may require basic organizational or technical knowledge, operation of simple equipment or performing routine tasks.

Level B

Level description:

Duties are varied and less routine and involve a moderate degree of responsibility and judgement. Requires previous knowledge or skill and/or equivalent experience or training.

Requires basic skills acquired through certain levels of education and/or previous work experience. Responsibilities may require organizational and/or more technical knowledge, operation, and accountability for more complex equipment, or performing tasks with moderate supervision.

Level C

level description:

Duties are more complex and involve a higher degree of responsibility and judgement.

Requires specific skills acquired through previous work experience and/or completion of related upper-level coursework. May lead or coordinate activities of other student employee.

Level D

level description:

Professional Level Position

Level D requires specific skills at a mastery level. Must be a professional level position, and previous work experience and or training is required. A high degree of responsibility and judgment is required.

**This level is only to be used when the work required must be at the professional level.

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