How & When are students paid?

What is the minimum wage?

Currently the minimum wage is $11.80/hour. On campus jobs range from minimum wage to $10.84/hour.

How are students paid?

Students log their hours in an on-line timecard on our payroll system called IC HR Cloud. They will submit their time cards on a bi-weekly schedule and be paid for the hours submitted only after they are approved by their supervisor.

Can money be deducted from a student’s tuition bill in exchange for their work?

No. Students will receive payment for their work in the form of a bi-weekly paycheck. Federal Work Study simply means the money students with FWS earn is subsidized by the Federal Government.

When are students paid?

Students are paid every two weeks, usually by direct deposit to a designated bank account. Pay periods run from Monday to Sunday. Paydays are on a bi-weekly basis, paid on Fridays. Students who do not set up direct deposit will be paid by check which is mailed to their on campus or local address on payday. The 2020 Payroll Calendar maps out the bi-weekly pay schedule.

Is direct deposit available?

YES! You can set up your direct deposit online through your Parnassus account. You may have your paycheck directly deposited to any bank in the United States. If you choose not to use direct deposit your check will be mailed to your local address.