Supervising a Student Employee

You've been asked to supervise a student employee, now what?

Student Hiring Process

Everything you need to know from wanting a student to paying a student can be found here!

Student Supervisor Guide

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*Any faculty or staff member can become a student supervisor. Persons actually overseeing the work schedule should be the Student Supervisor. Please contact the Student Employment Office to be granted access to Student Manager Self Service (SMSS) in Parnassus. Having SMSS access in Parnassus will allow you to add an assignment for your newly hired student so they can submit timecards and can be paid. You may do this by e-mailing the Student Employment e-mail (studentemployment@ithaca.edu) and we will grant you access to SMSS. Once you have access to SMSS, you should then go through the hiring process for your student employees you supervise.