Supervising a Student Employee

You've been asked to supervise a student employee. Now what?

Student Hiring Process Overview

In accordance with the Ithaca Forever Strategic Plan, recruitment for all student employees is now being conducted via the Oracle Recruiting Cloud. Hiring Managers should follow the steps outlined below in order to facilitate the recruitment of a newly hired student employee.

  1. Create requisition. Hiring Manager (supervisor, manager, student supervisor) creates a requisition in the Recruiting Cloud. For detailed instructions for creating a requisition, see Team Dynamix, IC HR Cloud: Recruitment of Student EmployeesPlease refer to the Job Classifications page for information about assigning the correct job series and level, in line with the approved student salary range.
  2. HR Recruiter Posts position. Recruiter from Office of Human Resources posts the position to the Recruitment Cloud.
  3. Application Review. Hiring Manager conducts initial review of applications, choosing which candidates will move forward in the interview process. Please Note: initial preference is granted to students with Federal Work Study ("FWS") eligibility.  Candidate statuses should be changed as follows:
    1. Non-Selected Candidates as "Phase: Added to Requisition; State: Rejected by employer"
    2. Selected Candidates as "Phase: Face to Face/Finalist Interview (or appropriate phase); State: will be changed to Selected for Finalist Interview"
  4. Interview Candidates. Hiring Manager interviews candidates, and changes status to:
    1. Non-Selected Candidates as "Phase: Interview; State: Rejected by employer"
    2. Selected Candidates as "Phase: Offer; State: To Be Created"
  5. HR Recruiter issues feedback form. Once Hiring Manager moves selected candidates to offer phase, the HR Recruiter will issue a feedback form (Recommendation for Hire) for each selected candidate, to be completed by the Hiring Manager.  NOTE:  Hiring Managers cannot create offers.  Hiring Managers will also be issued a feedback form to provide rationale for candidates interviewed but not selected.
  6. HR Recruiter reviews feedback form. Once Hiring Manager completes any/all feedback forms, the HR Recruiter will review completed forms and ensure selected/non-selected candidates receive full consideration based on FWS award. HR Recruiter will create the offer using information provided in the feedback form. The Hiring Manager will receive an email notification that an offer has been completed and is ready to be extended.
  7. Extend VERBAL Offer. Hiring Manager extends verbal offer to selected candidates and alerts non-selected candidates that they will not be moving forward in the recruitment process.
    1. If a candidate accepts the verbal offer, Hiring Manager will notify the HR Recruiter to extend electronic offer..
    2. If a candidate declines the verbal offer, Hiring Manager will need to change the phase and state to "Phase: Offer; State: Withdrawn By Candidate" in ORC.
  8. HR Recruiter issues electronic offer. Pursuant to step 6, if a candidate accepts the verbal offer, the HR Recruiter will issue an electronic offer to the candidate's email. The candidate will need to accept the offer in order to move forward in the hiring process. Upon acceptance, candidates who have never worked in a student employment capacity at IC will receive instructions for completing the Form I-9. This must be completed PRIOR to the student's first day of employment. Hiring Manager should inform HR Recruiter if posting can now be closed.  If additional hires are anticipated, position can remain posted.
  9. Mandatory Training. All Student Employees at IC are required to complete the Form I-9 prior to beginning work.  It is the responsibility of the Hiring Manager to confirm that the candidate has successfully completed the Form I-9 either in a previous student employment position or with the Hiring Manager. Instructions for completion are sent to the candidate upon acceptance of their job offer.  Assignment start dates cannot be back dated to before I-9 completion and receipt.
    1. If a candidate has never worked as a student employee, Hiring Manager will confirm that the candidate has completed the Form I-9. Once the Form I-9 is completed, the student will officially be hired into the system.
    2. If a candidate has previously worked as a student employee, the student assignment will be added once the offer is accepted, and they will not need to complete any additional paperwork. Hiring Managers can confirm the student's assignment is active when they are listed under the Hiring Manager's "My Teams" app.

Procedure for Internal Promotions

Internal promotions will follow the same recruitment process in the Recruiting Cloud, as outlined above.

a. When creating the requisition, under Details (5), the Hiring Manager should choose the following rationale: "If conducting an INTERNAL ONLY search, please explain your recruitment plan." This allows the HR Recruiter to understand why this search will be internal only. 

b. Internal promotion searches will not be posted, and the Hiring Manager will need to invite their current student employees to apply.

Procedure for Re-Hiring a Student Into a Previously Held Position

If a student previously held a position but their assignment has been ended in the system, please complete a Cognito Form to add their assignment.  The student will be listed under the Hiring Manager’s “My Teams” app once the assignment has been added.

Questions regarding the Student Employment Recruitment Process should be directed to Student Employment at (607) 274-8000, or via email at studentemployment@ithaca.edu