College Roommates David Muir and Jeff Selingo Reunite for Book Signing

Of all the people to interview you about your new book, your college roommate might be among the most amiable. At least that was the impression of audience members who attended Tuesday’s book signing by Jeffrey Selingo ’95, during which he was interviewed by friend, former college roommate, and anchor of “ABC World News Tonight,” David Muir ’95, at the Barnes & Noble in New York City’s upper west side.

Selingo’s book, “There Is Life After College,” provides practical advice to students on securing a job after graduation and is informed in part by his experience as an editor for the Chronicle of Higher Education. Muir asked Selingo about his best tips for college grads, and the pair discussed topics ranging from the national impact of student debt to their time spent slicing film in the Park School of Communications.

Over 45 alumni attended the book signing and an Ithaca College reception before the event. Selingo reflected, “It was heartwarming to talk with so many IC folks as I signed books.”

Ithaca College alumni David Muir (left) and Jeff Selingo (right) at Selingo's book signing in New York.