Gluten-Free College Rankings: Ithaca College Named Top 10 in the Country

ITHACA, NY—Ithaca College has been named one of the top gluten-free college campuses in the country, coming in at #7 in the rankings compiled by Udi’s Gluten Free Foods, the nation’s number one brand for gluten-free food products.

Ithaca was cited for its gluten-free pantries and food allergy labeling system. The top gluten free ranking was determined through student testimonials, online reviews and interviews with dining employees.

The college’s dining services provider, Sodexo, opened the first gluten-free pantry on campus in one dining hall in 2009, with gluten-free options since expanding to all dining halls as well as catered campus events. All gluten-free food is labeled, and the pantries feature small kitchen appliances, cooking utensils and individually wrapped meals and condiments that diners can use in order to avoid cross-contamination. The college recently added a serving station in one of the dining halls featuring meals free of allergens including gluten, nuts, soy and dairy.

Most of the gluten-free changes on the college’s menu came from feedback from students themselves, including the IC Food Allergy Awareness Club. Founded in 2009 as a safe space for people with food allergies, its members work to ensure that all students can eat on campus without fear of getting sick or being left out.

Susannah Faulkner ‘11 was essential to the creation of the gluten free program at IC. Faulkner worked with IC staff to change the dining hall menu and co-founded the Food Allergy Awareness Club. More about her story can be read here.

Experts estimate that one in 133 people has celiac disease, and some say up to 30 percent of the population has some sort of gluten sensitivity. Ithaca College students and staff continue to work together to accommodate these growing numbers.

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Susannah Faulkner 11 was essential to the creation of the gluten free program at IC.