Ithaca College Professor Separates Immigration Policy Fact from Fiction

ITHACA, NY — Donathan Brown, an assistant professor in the Ithaca College Department of Communication Studies, has co-authored his first book with Syracuse University professor Amardo Rodriguez. "When Race and Policy Collide: Contemporary Immigration Debates" focuses on public policy and examines immigration topics beyond border control, including official language laws, mass deportation, housing ordinances and voter identification laws.

Published by Praeger, "When Race and Policy Collide" addresses the facts of immigration rather than controversial headlines or talking points. Ideal for students at the high school, undergraduate or graduate level, each chapter of the book looks at current legislation and ties it to our social and cultural environment. Brown and Rodriguez examine the racial implications of these policies and their significance in a country with a rapidly growing Latino population. The book includes policy analyses and case studies from past and present legislation.

"When you began to pull back and look at the array of arguments and policy that pertains to immigration law, it's a much larger issue than border policy, particularly between the United States and Mexico border," said Brown. "It's an issue that affects housing needs, the right to speak one's language, and the right to vote."

Brown is the editor of the Journal of Race and Policy at Old Dominion University. He conducts research on the intersection of race, rhetoric and public policy, particularly pertaining to African Americans and Latinos. More recently, Brown has focused on the effects of the English-only movement and immigration reform on the Latino population.

Donathan Brown, assistant professor in the Ithaca College Department of Communication Studies