Ithaca College Theatre Presents 'Measure for Measure': A theatrical Tour de Force of Power, Sex and Retribution

ITHACA, NY — Finishing Ithaca College Theatre’s 2011-2012 main-stage season is William Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure.” Performances will run in the Hoerner Theatre in Dillingham Center on April 24, 26, 27 and 28 at 8 p.m. and 2 p.m. matinee performances on April 28 and 29. There will be a free talk-back presentation following the April 28 matinee.

Ticket prices for “Measure for Measure” range from $5.50 to $11 and are on sale at all Ticket Center outlets, including Ticket Center Ithaca on the Commons and the Dillingham Center box office. Call (607) 273-4497, (607) 274-3224 or visit Visit for further information. Also, follow us on Facebook: and Twitter:!/ICTheatreArts.

As “Measure for Measure” opens, the Duke of Vienna has apparently left his city in disarray and given the ruling power rule to Angelo, the harsh but virtuous judge. In actuality, the Duke has disguised himself as a friar in order to spy on Angelo and see for himself how strict and virtuous the judge can be. What ensues is a dark comedic journey filled with mischief, injustice and stark commentary on the hazards of absolute power in the hands of unprepared men.

“I'm fascinated by the historical context of ‘Measure for Measure’,” says Wendy Dann, assistant professor of theatre arts and director of this production. As the play was written when King James was just taking control of England, Dann states, “we've been exploring the idea that the play may have been Shakespeare's attempt to encourage temperance in the new King's reign.” This play’s message of power, corruption and the balance between mercy and justice is no less applicable in today’s political climate than it was in Shakespeare’s time.

The strong design statement distinguishes Ithaca College’s “Measure for Measure” from other productions. "The creative team is interested in highlighting the mixture of genres; specifically the combination of horror and comedy,” says Dann. “It sounds strange, and it is...almost like a Tim Burton kind of world where we might laugh in one moment and shiver the next when a character demands 'off with his head!'"

The production is designed by Lawrence Moten ’12 (scenic), Grace O’Malley ’12 (costumes), Aaron Porter ’12 (lighting) and Kimberly Donowski ’13 (sound). Jessie Jardon ’12 is the stage manager, Char Manlove-Laws ’13 and Katlyn Rapini ’14 are the dramaturgs, and Rebecca Terpenning ’12 is the technical director. The assistant director is Carly Richards ’13.

The cast of “Measure for Measure” includes Dan Berlingeri ’13, Nick Carroll ’14, Dennis Chambers ’14, Jimmi Cook ’15, Miles Crosman ’12, Graham Drake-Maurer ’12, Katie Drinkard ’14, Kelly Fairbrother ’15, John Gardner ’12, Megan Green ’12, Monique Huff ’13, Josh Johnston ’13, Andrew Karl ’12, Bruce Landry ’12, Max Lorn-Krause ’12, Matt Madden ’15, Taylor Misiak ’14, Hallie Peterson ’12, Eric Schaum ’15, Josh Sedelmeyer ’12, Ross Silver ’15, Alanna Smith ’14, DeAnne Stewart ’13, Ari Veach ’15, TJ Wagner ’14 and Luke Wise ’12.

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Pictured are John Gardner 12, Hallie Peterson 12 and Dan Berlingeri 13.