Purity Ice Cream Debuts New Ithaca College-Themed Flavor

Now you can get your Bomber Pride in a cup or cone.

Local favorite Purity Ice Cream created a new flavor to honor Ithaca College's quasquicentennial. Chocolate Cherry Bomber is a cocoa-based hard ice cream strewn with crunchy pecans, chewy chunks of brownie, and swirling streaks of cherry.

Purity owner Heather Lane graduated with her M.B.A. from the School of Business in 2010 and wanted to add an IC-inspired offering to the shop's menu to coincide with the college's 125th anniversary. The new ice cream debuted at the Community Celebration on Saturday, Nov. 4, and the name was chosen by attendees.

A bowl of Chocolate Cherry Bomber. (Photo by Morgan Diegel '20.)

A bowl of chocolate cherry bomber ice cream.