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After submitting a referral, the Office of ICare and Student Support and the ICare team follow protocol for next steps.

ICare Team Response to Referrals

The ICare Team meets regularly to review ICare Referrals. The Team will initiate interventions that promote safety, offer support and guidance, and encourage students use of on- or off-campus resources. Interventions are typically initiated and the ICare student will be contacted directly. However, interventions can also include support and outreach towards those effected by the student's behavior. The ICare Team is responsible for maintaining private records of ICare referrals and interventions; these records are kept separate from a student's academic record.

Outreach from the ICare Team:

In most cases, a student referred to the ICare Team will be contacted and requested to meet with a care manager, their resident director, or a faculty/staff member who has a preexisting relationship with the student. An ICare representative will make multiple attempts at outreach to the student in question, through personalized emails, letters, phone calls, and texts. All outreach efforts extended to the student will focus on understanding their wellbeinghelping the student feel supported, and connecting the student with resources that best fit their needs. Students are often offered in-person or virtual meetings with a member of the ICare team. 

What to Expect as a Referrer:

An individual who has submitted an ICare Referral can expect confirmation acknowledging receipt of their referral and may be contacted by an ICare Team Member for more information. Referring individuals are encouraged to make additional ICare referrals if their concern grows or if new concerns arise. 

Referring individuals can contact the Office of ICare and Student Support at (607) 274-7731 and speak with one of our Care Managers to request an update on a report they submitted. Please know that it is a priority to protect a student's privacy and information will be shared selectively with the student's best interest in mind.

ICare processes are not intended to be punitive. A referral to Student Conduct and Community Standards is only initiated if a student does not comply with a required meeting.