Concerned About a Student?

If you're concerned about a student's well-being, please consider submitting an ICare referral:

ICare Referral Form

Academic Referral Form

If you're concerned about a student's academics, please consider submitting an Academic Alert:

Academic Alert Referral Form

Members of the Ithaca College Community (staff, faculty, students, or family members) are encouraged to complete an ICare Referral if they aware that a student is exhibiting concerning behaviors or signs of distress.

(If you are concerned about protecting a student's privacy? Please read FAQ.)

Faculty also have the option of filing an Academic Alert if you are not sure if a student is in distress but the student is demonstrating:

  • Excessive/unexplained absenteeism
  • Regular tardiness
  • Unprepared for class
  • Unengaged in class discussion
  • Missed assignments
  • Missed exams
  • Low grades
  • Evidence of a need for tutoring
  • Evidence of weak study skills

There is coordination between ICare and Academic Alert referrals, so please do not worry if you are filing the correct form. It is more important that you utilize either form to communicate significant concerns you have for a student. The ICare and Academic Alert programs appreciate your communication and will carefully determine how to best help the student.

Please Note

If it is a holiday, weekend, or after business hours, and you are unsure if a student requires immediate assistance, please consult with the Office of Public Safety at (607) 274-3333.

Further, please be aware that on occasions when the college is closed, ICare referrals will NOT be reviewed during these closures, but will be reviewed upon the College's reopening. To view the specific dates that the college is closed, please refer to the following link for a complete list: Ithaca College Holidays/Closures. The Office of Public Safety and 911 are both resources when the college is closed and immediate assistance is needed.