Ithaca College News

Major Expansion of Ford Hall

Whalen Announces Music School Expansion
A High Note for the School of Music

Shelley Semmler named associate vice president

The new associate vice president for college relations and resource development brings 18 years of experience in fund-raising, alumni relations, and public relations in higher education.

Adelaide Gomer named to board of trustees

"In addition to her considerable professional expertise, Adelaide brings to the board invaluable insight and knowledge of the greater Ithaca community which the College is so proud to be a part of."
-- Herman E. Muller Jr.

Behind the Scenes
A Look at the People of Ithaca College

  • Lori Hinson, Manager, Towers Dining Hall, Subway

  • Kudos

    Katherine Compagni, Harry McCue, Michael McGreevey


    Success at NCAA Division III quarterfinals

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