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Volume 23, No. 5       October 16, 2000


A periodic compilation of references to Ithaca College in the nation's media.

Aerobic exercise and strength training: Which do you do first? Both, we say. It’s hard, but you get the benefits of both kinds of exercise in the time it takes to do one, according to a study by researchers at Ithaca College. Start with a set of weights — lat pulldowns, say — and follow it with 2 1/2 minutes on a bike or treadmill. Do two more sets like this, then go to the next exercise.

— Men’s Health, February 2000

Inclusion of those programs in the evaluation points to an evolution in math education, according to Eric Robinson, an associate professor of mathematics at Ithaca College in New York and the director of the COMPASS project, which provides information to schools about integrated math programs subsidized by the NSF. "We are one of the few countries . . . that still think of mathematics education as a list of topics," said Mr. Robinson, who endorses a more inclusive approach to math education. "Just the fact that [integrated programs] were included in this evaluation and are becoming more popular means we are a country in transition."

— Education Week, May 3, 2000

To complement and not overwhelm neighboring buildings, the Ithaca College Fitness Center is made up of three distinct architectural volumes housing two gymnasiums, an exercise room, and an aerobics studio. In contrast to the typical "big box" with everything inside, each individual volume has its own identity, with three different roof structures — gabled over the gyms, barrel-vaulted over the exercise room, and pyramidal with a central skylight over the aerobics studio.

— Athletic Business, June 2000



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