Deirdre and her father in Sydney
Deirdre and her father,
Ed Murphy, in Sydney


Deirdre on Australia:

Aussies change everything they possibly can about the English language. Theyíre very fond of acronyms and are keen on nicknames and truncating words. Some examples:

  • Pokies (poker machines in barsóthere are a lot of these)
  • Hit the frog and toad (hit the road)
  • Porkies ("Pork pies" rhymes with "lies," so it means "lies")
  • Pom (slang for Brit, presumed to be derived from several sources: 1. pomegranate, as it turns to red in the sun; and 2. prisoners of Her Majesty)



The Big Day

Well, todayís the day. It was probably too optimistic to think that the great weather would last. Sunday was incredibly windy and blew in a rainstorm and colder temperatures. I only hope that the wind blows this weather out of here again fast. I hope I have good news to post tomorrow. Keep sending good thoughts my way.

Yesterday was a bit of a fiasco for me, and one of my worst races EVER. I think Iím over it now, but Iím not over getting posted as DNF [did not finish]! I am not a quitter, as all who know me will attest.

On the first lap I came around a turn, came upon a crash, and could do nothing to avoid it. I slammed on the brakes but got caught in the tangle.

Just when I thought nothing further could go wrong, taking the proof of Murphyís Law to new proportions, I flatted. I was forced to ride on a flat clincher tire for 5 km in the rain. When I reached the pits, I heard over the loudspeaker, " . . . and thereís an Irish rider abandoning," which produced an unprintable response from me ("I had a f---iní flat"). Little did I know that a TV camera was up my nose, and the moment would be immortalized on Australian television. (The commentator said, "I guess thatís French for puncture.") This produced many laughs later in the Irish camp, and I think theyíve now taken me on as one of their own.

In the meantime, Iím feeling for my male Irish colleagues, who are riding their road race today. Iím going out in the rain to see dressage with my father and sister.

POD ó Post-Olympic Depression. It can be miserable, especially with a hangover!

The last couple of weeks have been so much fun, but Iím ready to get out of the Zoo (what weíve nicknamed the Olympic Village). Itís been a big anticlimax, which I was expecting, but still a bit unprepared. But only 58 women in the world got to do this, and I was one of them. Itís been about the journey, anyway, not the end goal. The whole Olympic experience has been great. Tonight the closing ceremonies, tomorrow vacation! Then, on with the next phase of life. Yikes!

Over and out, Deirdre


Photo by Sarah Murphy
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