ICQ 2003/1



Faculty Retirees Group Invites New Members

Harvey Fireside and Bill Scoones

About a dozen retired faculty members have begun meeting to discuss ways they can help the Ithaca community and stay connected to each other. Spearheaded by Charles A. Dana Professor Emeritus Harvey Fireside and longtime faculty member and administrator Bill Scoones, the group plans to meet two times each semester.

While they're still searching for an official name for the group, participants are enthusiastic about offering their expertise to the campus and the wider Ithaca community. They have discussed the possibility of volunteering their services to academic departments as mentors, guest lecturers, and consultants on curricular matters. Other areas of interest include assisting the College with such efforts as the Center for Teacher Education's Partnership in Teaching and the College's fund-raising program, as well as volunteering for local human service organizations. The group also sees itself as a potential resource for faculty members who are approaching retirement and might benefit from discussions on practical matters common to most retirees.

Inquiries and suggestions are welcome from those living in or around Ithaca. We invite retired faculty members to contact Bill Scoones (274-3823) or Harvey Fireside (272-3421).

Photo by George Sapio

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A. Ozolins, Ithaca College Office of Publications, 24 April, 2003