Ithaca College Quarterly 2004/2
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Tuition Rises; State TAP Cuts Loom

The budget approved by the board in February sets next year's tuition at $23,690. The associated fees for room (standard double occupancy), board, and health insurance will increase by $248, bringing the total cost of attendance in 2004-5 to $33,744, an increase of 5.2 percent.

The budget addresses rising external costs in items such as utilities and health care, while allowing the College to continue to move forward in implementing important parts of the Institutional Plan. Among those projects are the beginning phase of a new student information system and improvements or renovations to residence halls.

Ithaca's is still one of the lowest tuition rates among 20 regionally competitive institutions. President Peggy R. Williams notes, "We continue to work very hard with the state and federal governments to ensure that important assistance programs are available for our students and families. Governor Pataki's proposed budget for New York includes significant cuts to the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)." (See "President's Corner," 2004/1 issue, page 2, for more information on higher education issues.)

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