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Turn and Spin


Qin-Hong Anderson, M.S. '01, Masterworks Chinese Companion: Expressive Literacy through Reading and Composition (Cheng and Tsui, 2004)

Through vocabulary lists and exercises, students of Mandarin can improve their understanding of the language with Masterworks Chinese Companion. Designed for students at the high-intermediate level, the textbook uses 12 literary works -- both classical and modern -- to help them improve their reading and writing skills by appreciating the culture.

Marcia Ascher, Mathematics Elsewhere: An Exploration of Ideas across Cultures (Princeton University Press, 2002)

Mathematics Elsewhere illustrates how concepts such as space and time play vital roles in societies around the globe. Ascher, who for 14 years taught mathematics at IC and is now a professor emerita, explores how diverse cultures approach the discipline of mathematics. She argues that science is universal, using numerous examples to illustrate how math is integral to fields such as religion and navigation, and even to social interaction.


Laurie Conrad '68, M.M '70, Early Songs (and Visions for Flute and Harp (Figaro Recordings, 2004)

On Visions, Ithaca-based composer and pianist Conrad created a series of musical "visions" inspired by the sights and sounds of Ithaca during the cycle of seasons. In addition, Conrad's composition "Elegie," written for string quartet, commemorates the innocent victims of the recent Iraq invasion. Early Songs revisits Conrad's early work, with lyrics that often reflect her personal experiences.

Bruce Croft '60, Four Sixes to Beat: The Tale of a Killer (AuthorHouse, 2004)

Croft presents a fictional account of the infamous Texan John Wesley Hardin, responsible for murdering at least 38 men. Croft creates a realistic portrayal of what might have happened in Hardin's life by weaving facts and historical figures such as Wild Bill Hickok into this western tale.


Tony DeSare '98, Want You (Telarc, 2005)

With his debut album DeSare brings the music he has played at jazz clubs solo and with his trio (whose other members are Mike Lee '00 on bass and Brian Czach '98 on drums) to a wider audience. Want You features traditional standards as well as DeSare's own compositions, written with Mike Lee. The recording also includes "(I'd Have It All) If I Had Drew," the main title track from the independent documentary film My Date with Drew, which was produced, written, and directed by IC alumni (see page 32).

Sandra Gordon '92 Great Jobs for Film Majors (McGraw-Hill, 2004)

Gordon, a Chicago-based producer, created a guide for graduates looking to work in the production world. Sticking to the basics of résumé writing, interview tactics, and career path options for those with film degrees, Gordon draws from her own behind-the-scenes experiences. This is her second book on the topic; she also authored Action! Establishing Your Career in Film and Television Production.


Amy Grech '94, Cold Comfort (Naked Snake Press, 2004)

Grech, who writes for a variety of horror magazines, infuses the themes of love and betrayal into the two stories featured in Cold Comfort. In the chapbook's title story, a chance meeting leads to romantic obsession and murder. "Prevention," the second entry, follows twins Simon and Gerald, who have a complicated relationship with their mother and whose pastimes include murder.

Jeffrey C. Ives, Climbing the Halyards: The 1948 Voyage of the Schooner Bowdoin (Ithaca College Print Shop, 2004)

The book documents a 1948 journey to the Arctic taken by the author's father and a group of other young men. Joining renowned explorer Donald MacMillan, they collected birds and recorded sounds. The book, based on crew members' logbooks, was a collaborative Ithaca College faculty-staff effort. Fred Estabrook and others in the instructional graphics office digitized many slides of photos taken over 50 years ago; Kathy Barbieri provided software support; and the print shop staff produced the full-color book. Ives is an IC associate professor of exercise and sport sciences.


Katharyn Howd Machan, Redwing: Voices from 1888 (FootHills Publishing, 2005)

Redwing is a collection of 93 poems, each one a monologue by one of the residents of the fictional upstate New York town of Redwing. Machan, an associate professor of writing at IC, began writing these Redwing poems in 1985.

David L. Marcus, What It Takes to Pull Me Through: Why Teenagers Get in Trouble and How Four of Them Got Out (Houghton Mifflin, 2004)

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Marcus reveals the immense pressures facing American teenagers. Tracking the stories of four emotionally troubled students at Swift River Academy in Massachusetts, he gives readers insight into these teens' lives and their intense struggles with body image, sexuality, violence, drugs, and social interaction. Marcus was the 2004-5 Park School scholar in residence.


Marie Perna '64, Dare to Dream (ANCEDE Publishers, 2001)

In this memoir Perna gives an account of her struggle with multiple sclerosis, with which she was diagnosed in 1998, in hopes that it may inspire and help others. She pays particular attention to her relationships with family and loved ones. Perna helps produce "Accessible Rhode Island," an Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant guide to restaurants, theaters, and museums in the state.

Jud Spena '83, Echoes in the Valley (Infinity Publishing, 2004)

Currently a trumpet player with the Binghamton Philharmonic, Joseph "Jud" Spena chronicles the history of the Watkins Glen Drum and Bugle Corps, of which he was a member from the 1960s to the early '80s. Begun in the 1930s with a dozen Boy Scouts, the corps had grown to 170 members by the '70s. In addition to state and national championships, the corps has over the years featured many IC alumni as instructors.


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