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PROFILE: Scholarship Donor

Entrepreneur and one-time TV-radio major Diane Frankle Storck '70 learned early that giving back takes many forms. She has created a theater exhibit in honor of the people from whom she learned that lesson, and endowed a scholarship for students.

Posters from Broadway shows in which Ithaca College theater graduates have performed are now on display in Dillingham Center. This stunning new exhibit is a tribute from Diane Frankle Storck '70 to her late parents, Marvin and Herta Frankle, who deeply loved theater. "I made the gift to honor my parents' conviction that you always repay a blessing with a blessing," Storck says. "They believed in giving back, and they showed that by volunteering their time and donating money to various charities and organization."

   Diane Frankle Storck '70

  • Chair of the Scholarship Initiative
  • Endower of the Diane Frankle Storck '70 Scholarship
  • President's Associates Member
  • IC Trustee
  • Donor, Dillingham Center Broadway Display
  • Former Chicago Alumni Club Chair
  • Former IC Alumni Association Board Member
  • After graduating from Ithaca College with a degree in television-radio, Storck began a career in television production in Chicago. Over the years she has garnered several honors, including two Chicago-area Emmy Awards.

    In the late 1980s Storck launched Cigogne Enterprises, a marketing, consulting, and television production business. As time went by she remembered her parents' feelings about giving back, and through the Ithaca College Chicago Alumni Club she reconnected with her alma mater. In 1993 she was elected to the College's alumni association board of directors, and two years later to the board of trustees.

    "I had been fortunate because my parents were able to pay for my education," Storck said. "But as I became involved with the College, I learned that more than 80 percent of today's students need financial help. I knew that was something I wanted to address."

    Though Storck had regularly supported the theater department and the library as well as a number of Chicago-area organizations, she felt it was time to make a gift to the College that would have a lasting effect. "I gave a lot of thought to areas that were important to me and decided I wanted to help current students," she said. "Seeing how college costs were escalating, I asked myself, how could I help lessen the financial burden for deserving Ithaca College students?"

    The answer was to establish an endowed scholarship fund that assists a junior or senior facing an unexpected financial situation that jeopardizes finishing his or her education at Ithaca.

    Because of her understanding of the importance of scholarships and her own strong commitment to furthering higher education opportunities for those who need financial assistance, the College invited Storck to chair a special scholarship initiative. The program invites alumni and other friends of the College to consider creating permanently endowed and named scholarships, which can support students in any school or across campus. "It is important that we grow this program so that students can continue to receive an excellent Ithaca College education," points out Elayne Nicholas, associate director of special programs in the institutional advancement office. "Diane was a natural choice for this leadership position."

    "If there's anything I could say to the recipients of my scholarship -- or any IC scholarship," Storck says, "it's that I hope they will create their own legacy and return the favor to future deserving students."

    -- Keith Davis

    Photos: John Clisham '02

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