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Serling Symposium Planned

Rod Serling (left) with Ithaca College students and faculty in a campus television studio, 1968

Stumbling through a post-apocalyptic cityscape, a bespectacled man thrills at the sight of the still-standing library.

Left behind by benevolent visiting aliens is a book that carries the enigmatic title To Serve Man.

Face obscured by thick bandages, a young woman lies in a hospital bed waiting to see if the surgery has made her beautiful.

Though all of these images date back to the early '60s, they remain in Americans' collective memory as unnerving moments of classic television, hailing from the legendary show The Twilight Zone, created by the equally legendary Rod Serling. In honor of Rod Serling and his impressive contributions to narrative television and to Ithaca College, the school will hold a conference on his work this spring.

Serling is perhaps best remembered for his role as the narrator on The Twilight Zone. However, he was also responsible for writing the screenplays to more than half of the show's 150 episodes, including such classics as the above-referenced "Time Enough at Last," "To Serve Man," and "The Eye of the Beholder." Serling's many accomplishments earned him three Emmy Awards as well as a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Less well known about Serling is the devotion that he had to Ithaca College, where he taught communications classes and gave lectures from 1967 to1975. The College is home to the Rod Serling archives, donated by his widow, Carol Serling, who serves on the Ithaca College Board of Trustees.

-- Zachary Loeb '06

Photo: C. Hadley Smith

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