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Photo Credits 

Cover: Black Star (Washington, D.C., and bottom right); Bill Truslow  (4 center); Shai Eynav (outdoors); Tim McKinney (swimmer); Ernest Burden III (business building renderings); Moody-Nolan, Inc. (A&E center renderings)

TOC: Sheryl D. Sinkow

Making a World of Difference: Tim McKinney, Shai Eynav

Ithaca College Students Benefit From: Robert Llewellyn

Academic Innovation:
Bill Truslow

Scholarships: Bill Truslow, Sheryl D. Sinkow

Ithaca Fund: Sheryl D. Sinkow, Gary Gold

Athletics and Events Center: Tim McKinney, Courtesy of Moody-Nolan, Inc.

School of Business Building: Bill Truslow, Glenn Davenport

Student Residences: Sheryl D. Sinkow, Bill Truslow

Putting It in Perspective: All courtesy of the C. Hadley Smith Photograph Collection, Ithaca College; charts by Carol Goodling

Campaign Kickoff: Glenn Davenport

Star Power: Courtesy of the Metropolitan Opera Archives (top left), courtesy of the C. Hadley Smith Photograph Collection, Ithaca College (bottom left), Sheryl D. Sinkow

Musical Maneuvers: Courtesy of West Point Military Academy

Legacy of Love: no credits


Paying it Forward: Clayton Adams

The Spirit of MLK: no credit

In Your Face: Courtesy of Michael Rogers

Sticks and Strings: Thomas Hoebbel (all)

African Adventure: Zack Wilson ’07 (all)

How You Can Make a World of Difference: Glenn Davenport, Sheryl D. Sinkow, Glenn Davenport

Contributing Writers  

Bonnie Auslander, J. R. Clairborne, Keith Davis, Mark Dixon, Mbeti Hyess, Erik Kibelsbeck, M.M. ’01, Kate Larrabee, the family of Dana Miller ’88, Anne Ryan, Julie Waters, M.M. ’91, and student writing interns Kate Levinson ’07 and Khrista Trerotola ’07