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Ithaca College is proud to be known not only for the excellence of its faculty, but also for the strength of its teaching model, which combines classroom knowledge with practical, hands-on experience through internships and other fieldwork opportunities.
But even the most effective and inspiring teachers need to be able to grow and evolve, adapting — and contributing — to new discoveries in their fields, as well as adapting to the changing needs of their students and the advent of new technologies. The College is committed to providing them with the tools they need, but needs your help to afford:
• expanded support in instructional design and classroom technology to help faculty make better use of technology that will enhance their students’ understanding;
an endowed Center for Faculty Research and Development, which will allow faculty greater flexibility in pursuing especially promising research or instructional design tools.

As Provost Peter Bardaglio points out, “Learning is a lifelong experience not just for students, but for faculty members as well. As new concepts emerge and new discoveries are made, our faculty members must be given the opportunity to expand their knowledge and explore new approaches to teaching. As a college, we must support the ongoing learning of our faculty, ensuring that our students receive the most up-to-date knowledge in their field.”

Another exciting plan is to expand and endow existing programs that have proven highly effective, such as:
first-year seminars, in which freshmen work in small groups with faculty, receiving more individual attention and a more intense learning experience. This program, already a great success in the School of Business and the School of Humanities and Sciences, will be expanded across campus.
the honors programs, which will bring particularly talented students from across campus together to learn from each other in an interdisciplinary setting. This program, which began in the School of H&S, is being expanded for all disciplines;
capstone experiences, including mentored research and fieldwork opportunities for students in many majors across campus.
These programs have been so successful, the provost says, “that it’s a logical next step to make them available to students across all disciplines.”

President Peggy R. Williams adds, “Our staff and faculty are creative, so they are always envisioning thoughtful, innovative, far-reaching  programs that will give our students a competitive edge. These programs simply wouldn’t happen without the support of people who recognize their importance; we depend on our supporters to make such opportunities happen.” The goal for this campaign priority is $6 million.

Want to help Ithaca College students get the most innovative learning exper­ience anywhere? Want to help the faculty keep on top of the latest de­velop­ments in their fields and pass that knowledge on to students? Want to help fund student-faculty collaborations? Want to help students take intern­ships they might not otherwise afford? Want to help bring an honors program to every department on campus, allow­­ing every student to be challenged to the fullest? The fund for academic innovation supports all of these scholarly needs and more;visit www.ithaca.edu/campaigngiving.

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