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Since its beginning in 1892 as a conservatory of music, Ithaca has encouraged liberal arts students to apply what they’re learning in the classroom, through collaborative research with faculty, internships, and community service. At the same time their education here has provided the intellectual framework necessary for preprofessional students to pursue a lifetime of learning beyond the scope of their field.

Ithaca is educationally the best of both worlds, equipping students with the skills, ethics, and sense of purpose they need to make a real difference in the world as professionals in many fields, as community members, and as global citizens.

It’s also a tall order for one midsized institution to fill. But Ithaca College is absolutely committed to providing students with an education that will last throughout their lives — no matter where life may take them. With more than 100 degree programs, Ithaca offers the academic breadth of a large university in a friendly, personal atmosphere. No student is a number here, and every student counts.

It is a continual challenge to provide such a high-quality education at a price students can afford. State and federal aid continue to shrink, even as tuition costs continue to rise — and families are paying more of that cost. Yet family dollars cover just over 90 percent of the revenue necessary to meet the costs of the educational experience at Ithaca College.

We think families are still paying too much, so the College helps the typical student cover a third of the cost of tuition with financial aid from its own operating budget. Although the College is delighted to help students and their families, using annual budget monies for financial aid limits the funding available for other important needs, such as upgrading technology, giving internships and fieldwork opportunities, funding student organizations, and sending faculty and students to professional conferences.
This is why we are asking you to help us keep giving Ithaca College students
the best educational experience possible. Our students need you — our dedicated alumni, parents, staff, retirees, neighbors, and friends — to make a world of difference in their lives.  

Your contribution to the Campaign for Ithaca College is, quite simply, an investment in the value of an IC diploma and in the future of IC students. Watch your investment soar as those students go forth to make a world of difference — close to home and far afield.

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