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1938 Classmates Reconnect in Ithaca

Nonagenarian classmates Charles Fleming ’38, M.S. ’45, and Helene Rosa Wickstrom ’38, M.S. ’61, reunited in Ithaca in October. Helene was in a rehabilitation center recovering from a fractured leg (which happened during a June visit to her son in Ithaca), and Charles and his wife, Florence, came up from Binghamton to see their old friend.

Pat Phelps

Over the years the classmates’ opportunities to see each other have been sporadic. “He came to our 25th anniversary party at our house in Ithaca,” says Helene, whose late husband, Carl Wickstrom, also graduated in 1938. “Over the years I’ve seen Charles at two or three reunion gatherings, and he and his wife were at my 90th birthday three years ago.”

Charles recently celebrated his 90th birthday and is still very active in his church although, he says, “I decided, after 60 years, to give up my post as choir director!” He also serves on the board of his credit union, among other community involvements.

Charles enjoyed seeing Helene. “She is an incredible gal,” he tells us. “She has so much energy.” The broken leg did slow Helene down a bit, but she was doing her exercises “religiously” and was headed home to Arizona soon after Thanksgiving.

The ICQ thanks Pat Phelps of the School of Music, for alerting us to the reunion and snapping the photo.

A Taste of the Grape for D.C. Alumni

In late September,  Irene Freudendorf White ’68, M.S. ’70, and Steve White ’66, M.S. ’69 (at left), hosted a Finger Lakes wine tasting at their Maryland home for members of the National Capital Alumni Club.

More than 20 alumni from different eras showed up for the event, which also featured scrumptious hors d’oeuvres.

Photo courtesy of Tanya Hutchins '89

Sigma Alpha Iota Sisters Reconnect

Sigma Alpha Iota sisters reconnected at the 2006 convention honors dinner in Orlando: chapter president Deydra Bordoy ’07, Diana Cioffari ’06, Michelle Jones Whitlock ’98, Alice Flaum Berman ’71, official convention accompanist Amy Richards Crane ’65, and retired national officer Jan Thornton Nieburg ’64, M.S. ’72. Tau A province officer Christine Kaufmann Bruns ’97 (right) also attended the conference.

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