Ithaca College Quarterly 2004/2
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Space Crunch: What Do You Think?

We're in a bit of a pickle, although it's a pretty pleasant pickle in which to find ourselves. We're running out of room! We'd like your input in deciding how to deal with this problem.

Over the last seven years our average number of pages for news and features has shrunk by three to five pages. Coincidentally, the "Couplings" (formerly "Weddings") section of the magazine generally runs three to five pages. Many people have suggested that we eliminate this section, especially as it's now simple, free, and popular to post wedding photos on the Web via the "Ithaca Alumni Online Community." What do you think? Would you really miss having the wedding photos in each print edition?

Let us know.

Class year
Please check your preference
    I prefer that you eliminate the "Couplings" (weddings) section from ICQ so there is more room for other stories.

I would not want to eliminate the "Couplings" section and am willing to sacrifice other stories so I can see wedding photos in the print magazine.

  I have no preference.

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