Working Toward a Just Future

By IC Staff, November 27, 2020
Black community members share their concerns and vision.

Ahmaud Arbery.
Breonna Taylor.
George Floyd.
Daniel Prude.

Their lives, and others, have given a renewed sense of urgency to the Black Lives Matter movement. These tragic deaths have sparked widespread protests throughout the nation and the release of videos, played over and over, have forced the world to pay attention.

For students of history, the summer of 2020 was eerily reminiscent of the late 1960s. After all, it was the late 1960s when public assassinations, racial tensions and intense arguments about structural racism last dominated everyday living. 50 years later, many institutions have made symbolic and incremental changes, but as evidenced by the events of this past summer, we will likely note the shallow inadequacy in radically changing the roots of systemic racism.

We recognize this is difficult work with many perspectives.In this feature, we highlight what Ithaca College community members are doing to dismantle systemic racism and advance social justice.

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professor in regalia

            M. Nicole Horsley, assistant professor of African Diaspora Studies

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired
M. Nicole Horsley reflects on the intersectionality of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Ellis Williams ’13 Tackles Racism in America
Alumnus serves as point person for CBS Sports’ 8:46 project.

What Charleston Taught Me About Systemic Racism
Assistant Professor Idrissou Mora-Kpai reflects on the filming of his documentary America Street.

A Familiar Face at the Front of the Room
Provost La Jerne Terry Cornish discusses the issues facing Ithaca College faces with regard to structural racism.

students in front of a mural that reads "Edmund Pettus Bridge"

MLK Scholars on the Civil Rights Tour.

Changing Hearts, Minds — and Actions
How the college's MLK Scholar Program works to create change.

Advancing Diversity and Inclusion, One Courageous Conversation at a Time
James E. Taylor ’00 PhD aims to shift mindsets about race.

Taking the Next Step
Yetunde Smalls ’21 wants to use her platform to help activate campus-wide change.