What’s New in Dillingham?

The Department of Theatre Arts held an all-theater reunion October 22–24 to celebrate the successful end of the campaign to renovate Dillingham Center.

“What struck me about the weekend was the universal spirit of generosity — alumni giving to the students in terms of dedicating rooms and spaces, showing their support in that way, also their fantastic moral, psychic, and artistic support at Saturday’s performance,” said Greg Bostwick, professor of theater arts and director of Chicago. “And the current students were incredibly generous with the alumni — not only the performers in the show, but those helping out with the reunion, guiding tours, and so forth. It was a real weekend of giving.” Read more about the weekend on page 19.

Construction of or renovations to the following spaces were made possible by generous gifts from alumni, parents, and friends.


Richard Clark Classroom

Gift of the class of 1986 in memory of Richard Clark, chair, 1981–1987

Women’s Dressing Room

A gift in memory of Leesa Noury ’85 from her classmates and peers

Men’s Dressing Room

A gift in memory of Daniel McDonald ’82

J. Fred Pritt Acting Studio

A gift in honor of Professor Emeritus J. Fred Pritt

Earl McCarroll Studio Theatre

A gift in honor of Professor Emeritus Earl McCarroll

Eugenia Wacker-Hoeflin Dance Studio

A gift in honor of Professor Eugenia Wacker-Hoeflin

Lee Byron Studio

From Caroleen Feeney in honor of Lee Byron, chair and director of theater

Bracewell Sound Laboratory/Studio

A gift to honor Professor Emeritus John Bracewell from his grateful students

Hirschhorn Library

Gift of Larry Hirschhorn ‘80

Scampers Piano Vocal Room

Arno Selco Acting Studio

Gift of the class of 1986 in honor of Professor Emeritus Arno Selco



Ticket and House Management Office

Gift of Loren Klausner Colbert ‘78

Scene Shop

Gift of Dori Eskenazi Meyers ‘84



The Friends of Ithaca College

Conference Room

Weisman Family Production Design Studio

Gift of Doug ’78, Julie, Alex ’06, Dan, and Leah Weisman in honor of their parents and grandparents: Stanley and Elinor Weisman and Bernard and Joan Sudikoff