Public Health Updates - November 2022

By Dan DeCaria, November 17, 2022

Dear Ithaca College Community,

We have reached the final stretch of the Fall 2022 semester with just a handful of weeks separating us from our much-anticipated winter break. I share this message with our community today to provide some key updates regarding our public health structure and strategy for the upcoming Spring 2023 semester. I also want to provide some important reminders to help prioritize the collective health of our IC community as we enter deeper into the cold season that coincides with the late autumn and winter months.

Changes to COVID-19 Management Structure for Spring 2023
Ithaca College will be making some major changes to its COVID-19 management strategy in the coming weeks, as the college shifts to a self-management model for the Spring 2023 semester.

Beginning on Friday, December 23, the college will discontinue Boothroyd Hall as its primary isolation space on campus. Students who test positive for COVID-19 following this date will be able to complete their mandatory five-day isolation period within their own residence hall room. In conjunction with this change, IC will also be making significant changes to its Wrap Around Care process. While students will still be able to contact a wrap around care coordinator by phone to receive support, ask questions, and get connected with various resources, some aspects of wrap around care will be discontinued. This includes, but is not limited to, meal retrieval service, as students observing a mandatory isolation will have the option to pick up to-go meals from campus dining halls.

Moving forward, Boothroyd Hall will serve as a temporary housing space for students only in extenuating circumstances. An example of this would be an immunocompromised individual who is unable to share a living space with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Exceptional circumstances will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


Discontinuation of the COVID Dashboard
Beginning on Friday, December 23, Ithaca College will also discontinue use of its COVID Dashboard. The COVID Dashboard has served as a useful community resource to provide live-tracking of current case numbers within our campus community since the onset of the pandemic. After this date, the dashboard will be taken offline and will no longer actively track positive case numbers within our community.

COVID-19 Testing and Reporting Updates
Ithaca College will continue to provide convenient on-campus COVID-19 testing for students, faculty and staff during the upcoming Spring 2023 semester. Testing services will continue to operate out of Boothroyd Hall. More details will be shared in the coming weeks regarding hours of operation during both winter break and the Spring 2023 semester.

Beginning Monday, January 2, Ithaca College employees will no longer be required to submit a positive COVID-19 test result using the self-reporting form. After this date, employees will also be required to utilize their own paid time away balances if they are unable to report to work due to a positive COVID-19 test result. This is true regardless of an employee's vaccination status.


Stay Updated on Your Vaccinations
I strongly encourage members of our IC community to stay up-to-date on your vaccines as we enter deeper into the cold season. Receiving an updated COVID-19 booster and a flu shot is an important way that our community can reduce severe illness as a result of these viruses this winter.

For more information on COVID-19 vaccines and eligibility requirements, I encourage you to check out the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

Individuals can utilize the website to locate appointments for both COVID-19 vaccines and flu shots near you. This tool is useful for finding convenient vaccine appointments whether you are remaining in the greater Ithaca area or returning home for the upcoming winter break.

Additionally, I remind our IC students that you are able to schedule a flu shot on campus by contacting the Health Center at (607) 274-3177. Check out this post for more information on flu shots for our campus community.


Please Practice Good Public Health Behaviors During Winter Break
I ask our campus community to continue practicing the good public health behaviors during the upcoming break. The winter holiday season is typically a time associated with gatherings and social opportunities with friends and family, particularly indoors, which elevates the potential to contract and spread communicable illnesses such as COVID-19, flu, and other colds. 

Please continue to make the simple public health practices part of your regular routine. These include:

  • Frequent hand washing
  • Limiting exposure to large unstructured gatherings
  • Remain home and do not attend work, class, or social functions if you are feeling unwell
  • Utilize a face covering if you are attending a large gathering

Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to promoting a healthier campus community.


Samm Swarts
Assistant Director, Emergency Preparedness and Response
Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management