Winter Session 2023 - Some Course Highlights

By Eric Machan Howd, December 5, 2022

Register for Winter Session 2023 Today

There is still plenty of time to register for a winter session 2023 course. In fact, you have the rest of 2022 to decide. Remember, Ithaca College's Winter Session is a great time to catch up or get ahead in your studies. Register today to break through to a new you. Here is a selection of the courses that are open and available to you this coming winter session:

  • Personal Health - Professor Bentley
    CRN#30013 - ICC: Social Science & Natural Science, Identities, Liberal Arts and Society, Mind Body and Spirit
  • Human Genetics - Professor Brady
    CRN#30008 - ICC: Natural Science, Identities, Inquiry Imagination and Innovation, Liberal Arts and Society
    • Here is what Professor Brady has to say about this course. "This is a 2-week online class intended for non-biology majors. In this course, we will ask and begin to form answers to questions like How do genes and the environment interact and sculpt who we are? How do your genes affect your development? Do our genes determine our behavior? and How does biotechnology impact us as individuals and as a community?
  • Intro to Business - Professor Catto

    • Here is what Professor Catto has to say about this course. "Introduction to Business provides you with a well-rounded 'tour' of all aspects of business:  from accounting to marketing to operations and more. We also explore business from a historical perspective and discuss interpersonal business skills along the way. We start each class with a brief warm-up exercise, typically ripped from the headlines, where we apply concepts from class to real-world business events, be they domestic or international, corporate or start-up. See the official course description below for more information on this offering."

  • Global Health - Professor Frith
    CRN#30018 - ICC: Diversity, Liberal Arts
  • Intro to Drawing: Seeing the World - Professor Hunsinger
    CRN#30026 - ICC: Creative Arts, Mind, Body, and Spirit, Identities, Power and Justice
    • Here's what Professor Hunsinger has to say about this course. "When we draw, we think differently and develop open-ended thought and creativity. Uninterrupted drawing can lead to personal development and problem-solving, which enables critical thinking skills that can produce creative thoughts and new insights Come join me in exploring several media techniques and frameworks including historical and contemporary approaches to drawing in this intro to drawing class."
  • Understanding Disability - Professor Kanowitz Tonje
    CRN#30053 - ICC: Diversity, Liberal Arts
    • Here is what Professor Kanowitz Tonje has to say about this course. "Taking Understanding Disability this winter is a great opportunity to get your ICC Diversity elective covered! Take one of the most sought-after courses at Ithaca College and learn about a wide spectrum of intellectual, physical, and emotional impairments highlighting autism spectrum disorder. Other topics include self-advocacy, historical and current barriers, family perspectives, and current trends in educational and community services for people with disabilities. Coursework includes interactive speakers and relevant and relatable assignments that are important in today’s world."
  • Self-Portraiture in Contemporary Photography - Professor Khalid
  • Intro to Personal Finance - Professor Li
    • ​​​​​​​Here is what Professor Li has to say about this course. "This class addresses all the major financial planning issues and problems that individuals and families encounter. It links together all of the major elements of effective money management."
  • Religion Matters - Professor Steinschneider
    CRN#30001 - ICC: Humanities, Inquiry Imagination and Innovation, Liberal Arts and Society
    • Here is what Professor Stenschneider has to say about this course. "Religion is important. For better or for worse, it permeates virtually every aspect of our lives, from the way we practice politics to the kinds of art we create. But what is religion and how does it work? In this course, we examine ways of studying religion in a critical but empathetic manner, with special attention paid to the manner in which religion is connected to issues of power and social domination, topics often ignored in introductory-level courses on the subject."
  • Accounting Analytics - Professor Shackell
  • Electronic Media Criticism - Professor Tropiano
    CRN#30036 - ICC: Diversity and Writing Intensive
    • Here's what Professor Tropiano has to say about this course. "Electronic Media Criticism is a television studies course focusing on the representation of race, gender, gender identity, and sexuality in classical and contemporary American TV programming. The screening list includes episodes of Atlanta, Dear White People, Fresh Off the Boat, Jane the Virgin, Father Knows Best, Parks & Recreation, and One Day at a Time. The course is open to ALL MAJORS and fulfills your ICC requirements for Diversity and Writing Intensive. " 
  • Acting I - Professor Weidner
    CRN#30060 - ICC: Creative Arts, Identities, Mind Body and Spirit

Consider signing up for one of these great courses or one of the other many courses that are available for you over the 2023 winter session.

Eric Machan Howd, Director of the Office of Extended Studies
Ithaca College