Academic Calendar Updates

By Vikki Levine, February 19, 2023

Winter, summer and fall 2024 calendars have been posted along with the spring 2025 academic calendar at

On behalf to the academic calendar committee, in partnership with the office of extended studies, the winter, summer and fall 2024 calendars have been posted along with the spring 2025 academic calendar at (Please note: this site also hosts archived academic calendars.) 

Calendar Change Highlights: 

Fall 2023: Classes begin Wednesday, August 23, 2023 (This is a shift from Monday, August 21. Note: Wednesday classes will be held on Wednesday for those that remember IC history when we started on a Wednesday with a Monday schedule.) 

Winter 2024: After a pilot of two and three week winter sessions, with various start and end dates, we are returning to offering only one three week winter session. 

Spring 2024: This will be the first spring term we offer an April Break, April 8 and 9. This new 2 -day break in the Spring reflects the similar break offered in the Fall semester. 

Summer 2024: Maymester will no longer be a standard offering on the academic calendar. If you have curricula requirements that require courses to begin before the official summer term, please contact the Office of Extended Studies at to explore options. 

Fall 2024: As there is a weekend between the first two days of finals and the last two days there will be no reading day this fall. This will ensure end of term processing is completed before winter break begins. 

Spring 2025: Term begins on a Tuesday in observance of Martin Luther King. For spring terms that begin on a Tuesday, there will be no April break. 

Please review each calendar carefully as some semesters will have classes meeting on a different day of the week, aka Monday classes will meet on a Wednesday instead of Wednesday classes, to ensure we are holding minimum class time requirements as outlined by NYSED.  Please be sure to fully review the calendars for each term for complete details. 

If you have any questions, please contact Vikki Levine at Also, please send Vikki any topics that you would like the Academic Calendar Committee to explore as future calendars are developed.