Fall 2024 Course Registration Reminders

By Megan Wheeler, March 26, 2024

Fall 2024 Course Registration Reminders

We know that registering for courses can sometimes be a frustrating experience, but as you prepare for registration next week, the Office of the Registrar wants to remind students of college policies regarding the misuse of computer systems.

In order to ensure fair and secure access for all students, we ask you to refrain from simultaneously using multiple browsers or tabs, attempting to log in or open multiple registration sessions at the same time, or any kind of scripting or automation tools when registering for courses. These actions create unnecessary load on the system and can prevent all students from accessing the registration on HomerConnect.

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In addition to creating roadblocks to registering, such practices are a violation of Ithaca College’s Technology Use Policies, which prohibit “actions that deliberately or unintentionally degrade or disrupt system or network performance, compromise or circumvent system or network security, or interfere with the work of others.”

You can read the complete policies here.

Staff at Ithaca College will be monitoring all usage of registration technologies, and will take steps to prevent, shut down, and investigate any inappropriate usage that violates the policies.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at registrar@ithaca.edu.

To find more details regarding registration please visit our website. Don't forget to check us out on Instagram @icregistrar.