Wellness Surveys for Our Campus Community

By Eric Machan Howd, April 2, 2024

Share Your Suggestions for Wellness Resources

An image of the JED Wheel.

An image of the JED Wheel that outlines their comprehensive approach to wellness.

As we approach the conclusion of the 4-year JED Campus initiative at the end of summer, Ithaca College’s JED Campus Committee is working to create recommendations for campus leadership as well as next steps for cultivating a community of wellness that supports mental health at IC.

We are asking faculty and staff to provide feedback as we build out our recommendations. Please take 5-15 minutes to complete this brief survey to share your expertise with us!

Additionally, we have crafted a survey for students to complete. We have drafted a brief paragraph you could share (and customize) with your students below.

"Your anonymous feedback is requested about what resources you would like to see to help you feel more supported and to help you develop life skills and resiliency during your time as an IC student. We ask that you take 5 to 15 minutes to complete this brief survey."

Thank you,

Life Skills & Resiliency Subcommittee