2022-2023 Institutional Priorities and President's Goals

As part of the fourth year of Ithaca Forever’s implementation, we will focus on seven institutional priorities and four of our Ithaca Forever goals.
Our Institutional Priorities:
  1. Continue the development of a 5-year financial sustainability model. (Our Investments)
  2. Increase student retention leading to increased graduation rates. (Our Investments)
  3. Provide a transformative student learning experience that exemplifies Ithaca College’s leadership in meaningfully connecting theory, practice, and performance. (Our Purpose)
  4. Increase alumni engagement and leverage alumni expertise.  (Our Future)
  5. Enhance our capacity to deliver a student living and learning environment grounded in Ithaca College’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. (Our Commitments)
  6. Make Progress on Ithaca College’s Master Plan (Our Investments)
  7. Embody Our Commitment to be an employer of choice (Our Investments)

President's Goals:

This year President Cornish will focus on the following Ithaca Forever goals:

  • Become a model for student success, engagement, and well-being and to help students develop their unique potential. 
  • Determine and maintain an appropriate, sustainable size for our programs, structures, and associated resources at every level of the institution.
  • Cultivate an Ithaca Forever community, inspired by the power of the IC experiences.
  • Become a national model for colleges committed to the values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.