2023-2024 Institutional Priorities

As part of the fifth year of Ithaca Forever’s implementation, we will focus on four institutional priorities.
Our Institutional Priorities:
  1. Improve Ithaca College’s financial sustainability through the development and implementation of a comprehensive marketing and enrollment strategy that results in a stabilized enrollment pattern of 1,380 to 1,420 new full-time undergraduate students each year.
  2. Increase student retention and graduation through a data-informed student success and retention strategy.
  3. Develop a comprehensive philanthropy and engagement strategy to increase financial support for the college while also supporting our enrollment, student retention, and student success goals.
  4. Continue to build the infrastructure that will facilitate the college’s transformation from a school-based mindset to an institutional mindset, fostering student exploration and faculty collaboration through the development of systems, structures, and processes that are institutional rather than school specific, where appropriate.