Academic Program Prioritization

Ithaca College's strategic planning process, which began in fall 2018, set out to embody "bold realism" and to embrace financial sustainability. One of the investments articulated in the resulting plan is to "maintain an appropriate and sustainable size for our programs and structures, and the associated resources, at every level of the institution." This goal reflects the college's response to — and adaptations to — progressively declining enrollment and represents efforts to align Ithaca College with the realities of the changing landscape for higher education. In 2019, the college began to implement this commitment by convening the Academic Program Prioritization Action Group. With the help of many members of the Ithaca College community, the group developed the guiding principles that will direct a holistic, data-driven, and inclusive process of academic program prioritization. This foundational work enables us to position the College for a strong and vibrant future.

Shape of the College: Final Decision
The President and the Provost have approved all of the recommendations in the Shape of the College final report.
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APP Final Recommendations
The Academic Program Prioritization Implementation Committee has submitted final recommendations for the Shape of the College.
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