Shared Leadership and Effort

This goal will explore ways to support and value collaboration, interdisciplinarity, curricular flexibility and shared governance.

Goal Co-Chairs

  • Jeane Copenhaver-Johnson (faculty)
  • Vikki Levine (staff)

The following action groups will be formed:

Common Academic Experience

We must create structure and space to enable all Ithaca College students to explore wide-ranging subjects across the five schools and develop or choose from curricular paths. In the year-one, this group will:

  • Develop a common schedule and common academic regulations across schools

Action Group Members

  • Co-chair: Stacia Zabusky (staff)
  • Jake Corenlio (student)
  • Stu Fegely (staff)
  • Julia Klipp (student)
  • Lauren Miller (student)
  • Lauren Suna (student)

IC incubator

This group is charged with establishing an LLC incubator that is available to the campus community to facilitate research, testing, and business development. This group will:

  • Connect with local resources to confirm the path to create legal organizations
  • Incorporate an LLC
  • Identify initial projects to participate in
  • Identify physical space on campus for the incubator

Action Group Members

  • Co-chair: Andrew Torelli (faculty)
  • John Barr (faculty)
  • Sara Boniche (staff)
  • Laura¬† Campbell Carapella (faculty)
  • Alex Devers (staff)
  • Stephanie Fine (student)
  • Becky Lane (staff)
  • Megan Schumacher (student)
  • Nick Vogel (staff)
  • Molly Whitehead (student)

Additional Goal Objectives

These initiatives will be tackled by specific operational units and will not call for action groups to be formed:

Expand undergraduate and graduate education offerings

  • Promote Entertainment MBA
  • Explore the development of a Physician's Assistant program

Evaluate and revise faculty, student, staff, alumni, and board of trustees systems and structures of shared governance to align with vision, mission, and values

  • Evaluate and streamline risk assessment polices to advance implementation of college initiatives
  • Implement a new budget process that is aligned with the 5-year strategic plan
  • Identify list of standard operating procedures for each unit and subset that will be completed in year one
  • Review policy manuals and procedures (including schools) to align with the strategic plan