Year-Round Opportunities

This goal will explore ways that Ithaca College can offer living and learning opportunities across the calendar.

Goal Co-Chairs

  • Sybil Conrad (staff)
  • Jason Freitag (faculty)

The following action group will be formed:

12-Month Campus

To become a year-round campus for living and learning, we must expand what we offer during traditional campus down times (winter, spring and summer breaks; weekends) and online. This group will:

  • Develop and pilot programs for winter and summer academic terms and immersion experiences

Action Group Members

  • Co-chair: Rasoul Rezvanian (Staff)
  • Mike Ariel (staff)
  • Brad Buchanan (staff)
  • Chrystyna Dail (faculty)
  • Rachel Gould (staff)
  • Melissa Harmon (staff)
  • Raquel Jacobs (student)
  • Angela Kramer (staff)
  • Jennifer MacKenzie (staff)
  • Margie Malepe (staff)
  • Clint McCartney (staff)
  • Sofia Meadows-Muriel (student)
  • Eric Nichols (staff)
  • Michael Richardson (faculty)
  • Cheryl Rotyliano (staff)
  • Matt Vosler (faculty)
  • Eliza Wildes (student)