Year-Round Campus

GOAL: Become a year-round campus for living and learning opportunities.

Goal Co-Chairs

  • Sybil Conrad (staff)
  • Jason Freitag (faculty)

Twelve-Month Campus Action Group

To become a year-round campus for living and learning, we must expand what we offer during traditional campus down times (winter, spring, and summer breaks, and weekends) and online.

This group will develop and pilot programs for winter and summer academic terms and immersion experiences.

Action Group Members

  • Co-chair: Rasoul Rezvanian (staff)
  • Mike Ariel (staff)
  • Brad Buchanan (staff)
  • Chrystyna Dail (faculty)
  • Rachel Gould (staff)
  • Melissa Harmon (staff)
  • Raquel Jacobs (student)
  • Angela Kramer (staff)
  • Jennifer MacKenzie (staff)
  • Margie Malepe (staff)
  • Clint McCartney (staff)
  • Sofia Meadows-Muriel (student)
  • Eric Nichols (staff)
  • Michael Richardson (faculty)
  • Cheryl Rotyliano (staff)
  • Matt Vosler (faculty)
  • Eliza Wildes (student)