From the Board of Trustees

An expression of gratitute from the Ithaca College trustees, approved during the May 2019 board meetings.

Genuine gratitude never can be adequately expressed by words, yet the Board of Trustees wishes to express its deep appreciation to the Imagining Ithaca Steering Committee and working group members for their collective efforts to create a bold strategic plan that will provide the blueprint for Ithaca College to become a global destination for bold thinkers seeking to build thriving communities. The Board believes that this plan, with its emphasis on providing a distinctive, accessible, and affordable educational experience will ensure that Ithaca College remains a financially sustainable leader in providing a student-centered education.

Further, the Board wishes to acknowledge and gratefully recognize the outstanding collaboration of the entire Ithaca College community, including faculty, staff, students, and community partners in bringing Imagining Ithaca from concept to reality. We applaud and salute you for your time, energy, and dedication to Ithaca College with our sincere thanks.